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Food & Drink At Kids Kingdom

KIDS KINGDOM is proud to announce the launch of the new Kids Kingdom Cafe!! We've listened to your feedback and are pleased to present our brand new menu with something for everyone.

The new menu offers the best in fast, fun food at great prices and healthy sides, with tasty jacket potatoes, a range of freshly made sandwiches and an even wider range of main meals. And for those morning visits, try out our new breakfast option to top up your energy levels. In addition to our fixed menu, there are also daily specials available and a wide range of hot and cold refreshments.

We've listened to your comments to create a new menu to make your time at KIDS KINGDOM even more tasty!


Create your own pizaa with a choice of any topping all 50p each: Chicken, Cheese, Sweetcorn, Onions, BBQ Sauce, Mushrooms, Ham, Peppers, Tuna, Tomato, £5.00
Strongbow Dark Fruits £3.00

Combo Platter

Breaded Mushrooms, Chicken Nuggets, BBQ Chicken Wings, Onion Rings, Wedges Served with BBQ and Mayo Dip £9.95

Kids Meals

All kids meals come with a side portion of Frieds, Mash or Pasta Spirals, Pizza, Sausage, Hot Dog, Chicken Nuggets, Burger, Fish Finger, Cheese Burger £2.50
Add Peas, Beans or Sweetcorn £0.25
Half Jacket with Cheese or Beans £2.50
Pasta Spirals £2.00
Add Pasta Sauce or Cheese £0.25

Kids Sandwiches

Whire or Brown Bread, Any 1 of the fillings: Ham, Cheese, Jam, Chocolate Spread, Tuna, Egg Mayo £2.00
Lunch Plate. Any of the above sandwich served with a side of Crisps, Apple or Chocolate Biscuit, Carrot or Cucumber and Cup of Squash £2.50

Kids Salads

Choose from any 5 of the following: Chicken, Tomato, Cucumber, Carrot, Apple, Tuna, Raisins, Sweetcorn, Lettuce £2.50

Jacket Potatoes

Plain Jacket Potatoe £3.00
Jacket Potatoe with Cheese, Tuna, Beans or Chilli £3.60


On a choice of White or Brown bread: Ham, Tuna & Sweetcorn, Cheese, Chicken, Tuna Mayo, Chicken & Sweetcorn, Egg Mayo £3.00
Upgrade to a wrap or baguette £0.50
Toasted BLT £3.50
Tuna Cheese Melt £3.50
Chicken & Cheese Melt £3.50
Cajun Chicken Wrap £3.95


Served with a salad garnish: BBQ Chicken & Cheese or Chicken or Bacon or Cheese & Mayo or Cheese or Tomato & Onion or Tuna or Cheese & Onion £4.00


Cheese or Egg or Ham or Tuna £3.95
Tuna Pasta Salad £4.20
Chicken & Bacon Salad £4.20
Cajun Chicken Salad £4.20

Traditional Classics

Sausage and Mash with Onions & Gravy £4.50
Omlette and Chips, Cheese, Ham or Mushroom £4.50
Ham, Egg & Chips £4.50


KK Full English £4.50
Toast and Jam £1.00
Toasted Tea Cake £1.20
Sausage Sandwich £3.00
Bacon Sandwich £3.00
Add Extra Sausage, Bacon, Hash Brown, Mushroom, or Egg. £0.60

Extras & Sides

Bucket of Fries £1.50
Portion of Wedges £2.25
Add Cheese £0.50
Add Chilli £1.00
Beer Battered Onion Rings £2.00
Breaded Mushrooms with Garlic Dip £2.00
Nachos with Cheese & Peppers £3.00
Bucket of BBQ Chicken Wings £3.00
Slice of Bread and Butter £0.50


The Classic: 5oz Beef Burger, Crispy Chicken Breast or Veggie Bean Burger £5.00
The Tennessee Burger: 5oz Beef Burger with Monterey Jack Cheese, Beer Battered Onion Ring and a Choice of Original Budweiser or Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sau £6.50
New Yorker: Crispy Coated Chicken Breast, Bacon Rashers, BBQ Sauce and Monterey Jack Slice £6.50
Drop Slide: 5oz Beef Burger with Onion Ring, Bacon Rasher, Hash Brown, Cheese Slice and Burger Relish £7.50
Spicy PIRI-PIRI: Crispy Coated Chicken Burger with hot Piri-Piri Sauc £6.50
Classic Hot Dog: Classic Foot Long Hot Dog £5.00
Chilli Dog: Foot Long Hot Dog with Chilli and Melted Cheese £6.00
Beef Patty £2.00
Bacon £1.00
Hash Brown £0.50
Onion Ring £0.50
Monterey Jack Slice £0.50
Jack Daniels BBQ Dip £0.70
Budweiser BBQ Dip £0.70

Hot Drinks

Latte - Regular £1.95
Latte - Large £2.25
Capucinno - Regular £1.95
Capucinno - Large £2.25
Hot Chocolate - Regular £1.95
Hot Chocolate - Large £2.25
Espresso £1.40
Americano £2.00
Mocha - Regular £2.25
Mocha - Large £2.55
Filter Coffee - Regular £1.20
Filter Coffee - Large £1.50
Tea £1.00
Speciality Tea £1.40

Cold Drinks

Bottle of Water £1.00
Bottled Drinks £1.50
Fruit Shoots £1.00
Regular Slush £1.50
Large Slush £1.75
Jug of Squash £1.85
Cup of Squash £0.35
Budweiser £3.00

Beers & Wine

Stella Artois £3.00
Fosters £3.00
Stella Cidre £3.00
Rose Wine £3.00
White Wine £3.00